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Bryan Lim
Bryan Lim
Mama Cah Kitchen Handmade Honey Cinnamon Granola 250g
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This blend of granola is a classic with the sweetness of honey mixed together with cinnamon spice it is a taste we grew up eating. Neither 2 ingredients overpower the other and it certainly can satisfy your daily cravings.
Nurul Atiqah
Nurul Atiqah
Truly Gourmet Tempeh Chips
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Love the taste, the texture which is super crunchy and highly addictive. Plus, they are high in protein which is a bonus. Definitely, these are my new favourite potato chip alternative.
Bryan Lim
Bryan LimYKY Salted Egg Murukku
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A traditional snack with an added flavor. This snack has a crunchy texture and the salted egg coating just gives it that extra kick. It is uniquely addictive and even after you have finished a portion, the thought tempts you to eat more.
Bryan Lim
Bryan LimVive Snack Cacao Husk Tea
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This a natural caffeine free tea which is rich in antioxidants and contains magnesium as well. It has the aroma of chocolate and taste slightly bitter similar to raw chocolate with a sour tinge but after a few sips you will get used to it. It is best mixed with 1 table spoon of honey to overcome the bitter and sour taste.
Bryan Lim
Bryan LimGiant B Madu Tualang 500g
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This type of honey is a little more watery compared with other honey and it doesn't taste only sweet like other types of honey. It has a slight sour taste but it goes well with the sweetness of the natural honey. It is said to be healthy for our body to consume 1 table spoon of this honey each day.

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