Calling titbits lovers! We know you’ve been sick of browsing through the massive amount of titbits options out there. And that you are tired of trying out new titbits with appealing packaging just to find out the taste is purely disappointing.

Well, your long-waited titbits destination is here! You can now get your snack cravings satisfied reliably on top of your grocery shopping conveniently with this all-new grocery e-shop in Singapore — Tips & Titbits.


Discover Malaysian Products and Gourmets Through Titbit Experts’ Honest Reviews

Launched in December 2021, Tips & Titbits is a new online grocery store that where you can find a wide variety of homegrown products and gourmets, particularly from Malaysia, at an affordable price.

Founded by a small team of Titbits Experts who care about snacking the right way, Tips & Titbits features products that are carefully selected, researched and tasted by our Titbits experts to ensure they are truly the best of the best to delight every titbits lover!

To simplify your shopping experience, Tips & Titbits products are often accompanied by honest reviews from our Titbits Experts to help you take your favourite picks from among the overwhelming number of choices in the market.

The One-Stop Ordering Platform for Your FMCG Needs

From snacks, candy, biscuits, drinks to grocery items like cooking sauces, canned food and baking ingredients, Tips & Titbits is no short of home-grown products from Malaysia and other countries for you to choose from.


In addition to food products, Tips & Titbits also provides thousands of FMCG products such as healthcare products, personal care products, laundry products, cleaning products, etc. Here, you may notice a unique combination of FMCG product mix comprising of popular brand names like Garnier, Libresse, Gillette, etc, as well as unique homegrown brands which are exclusively available on Tips & Titbits including The Tapping Tapir, Mama Cah Kitchen, Supremeo Popcorn, Hello M’arch, Ori My Fruits, The Skinny Bakers, Lumut Crackers, Giant B, Vive Snack and so on.


Islandwide Delivery with No Minimum Order Requirement

Tips & Titbits delivery service is now available islandwide. Best of all, there is no minimum order requirement and the delivery turnaround time is usually under 2 days!

For those who find going to grocery shops or supermarkets a hassle, you can now sit back on the couch and get your grocery and daily essential products delivered to your doorstep within just a few clicks on our Tips & Titbits site.

Ordering is as simple as any other online marketplace.

  1. Browse through the products on the site or you can also use the search function to find the products you are looking for
  2. Update the quantity you would like to purchase and click “add to cart”
  3. At the checkout page, fill in the mailing address and contact details
  4. Complete your payment and your order will be sent to our team for processing instantly.

Easy and convenient!


Why Tips & Titbits?

Here at Tips & Titbits, you can trust our Titbits Expert to carefully handpick every product before listing it on the site. They taste and test almost every product we offer – no matter what type of products they like!

With your satisfaction in mind, our Titbits Experts works with strong commitment and dedication to give their reviews on each product – all of which being truly honest reviews upon actually tasting or testing the products, thereby ensuring you’ll always find something new to add to your favourites!

Most importantly, Tips & Titbits operate around a vast network of distribution channels giving us volume to purchase from our suppliers at a lower cost so you can be sure of getting the products from us at a really affordable price!

Hover to our shopping page to explore more unique products and share the joy with your loved ones today!

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