Malaysian food has always been appealing to many due to its rich and vibrant flavours. From sweet treats to savoury snacks, there is always something to keep you wanting for more.


Thankfully, you can now find a number of large manufacturing food brands from Malaysia in the supermarket easily. For those seeking more, nonetheless, the search for homegrown gourmet food from Malaysia doesn’t end there.


You might have come across many interesting Malaysian brands online, excited to order but end up disappointed as most of them do not deliver to Singapore unless the purchase is made in bulk.


Worry not, we heard your cry. Now with Tips & Titbits, we are ready to enliven your days with interesting titbits recommendations from the Malaysian point of view and most importantly, make them available to you through islandwide delivery – in bulk or a single unit as you like!


Here are 5 Malaysian homegrown brands our editors tried and love! All of them are exclusively available on Tips & Titbits. Check them out:


Giant B Honey Brand

Packed with loads of health benefits, honey is definitely one of the most loved gourmet treats for those with a sweet tooth. Particularly, our editors love the brand Giant B for its pure, genuine and quality bee products.

The natural taste of the Giant B honey products is derived from its self-cultivated raw honeycombs and honeybees in its farm located in Bukit Katil, Melaka. Also the largest bee farm in Malaysia, Giant B farm is open for the public to visit and learn about how beekeeping is done.

Established in 1978, Giant B bee’s products are made 100% natural with no sugar added, no chemical additives, no food flavouring and no preservatives.


Check them out on Tips & Titbits’ shop:

Giant B Raw Honey:

Giant B Super Honey:

Giant B Tongkat Ali Honey:

Giant B Stingless Honey:


Vive Snack

Our Titbits’ Editors like Vive Snack because it feels like a healthier way to indulge in chocolate. At first glance, Vive Snack’s product packaging says everything about what the company stands for. The chocolatier adopts a bean-to-bar concept, working closely with local farmers to source their beans and perfecting the crafts in every step of the process to produce the best quality of chocolate offerings for the end-users.

Since it uses only very few ingredients, Vive Snack products are as close to the real chocolate as you can hope to find – the authentic, unrefined taste of the chocolate that comes with a host of health benefits.

Looking for homegrown chocolate products? Take a look at these pure, natural and minimally processed products from Vive Snack!


Vive Snack 80% Dark Chocolate Keto Bar:

Vive Snack Super Cacao Nibs:

Vive Snack 65% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter:

Vive Snack Cacao Husk Tea:

Vive Snack Chocolate Rose Tea:


The Tapping Tapir

Here’s another Malaysian homegrown brand that was founded with the ideology to concoct simplicity in all-natural ingredients. The Tapping Tapir tops our editors’ list with their naturally flavoured sparkling sodas that do not contain any artificial colouring and flavouring.

Its name Tapir is inspired by one of Malaysia’s most iconic animals. Just like how the tapir is distinctly Malaysian, the sodas are homegrown utilising local iconic ingredients – real fruit juices, spices and herbs in Malaysia. Made 100% naturally.

For the soda lovers, you are in for a treat! Used to be only available in Malaysia, you can now get The Tapping Tapir soda series exclusively on Tips & Titbits Singapore.


Our editors’ favourites:

The Tapping Tapir Pineapple & Calamansi:

The Tapping Tapir Hibiscus & Lime:

The Tapping Tapir Apple & Vanilla:

The Tapping Tapir Guava & Lemongrass:



For times when you just want something salty and crunchy, a peyek cracker from Krukkrapmy is a great way to go. Nah, don’t say bojio. Krukkrapmy is a hidden gem in the Malay community in Malaysia. It is notorious for its deep-fried rempeyek (also known as peyek).

Originally an Indonesian-Javanese snack, Krukkrapmy adds a modern twist to the traditional snacks with salted egg and a variation of spices. The salted egg coating complements the crunchy peyek crackers, leaving you wanting more!

While all flavours taste just as great, the Original Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek remains our editors’ favourite flavour among all!


Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek (Original):

Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek (Curry Bombay):

Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek (Merdeka Special):

Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek (Korean Spicy):


Hello March

Looking for something healthy and tasty to satisfy your cravings without guilt? Look no further from the Hello March! Hello March debuted as a healthy food brand focused on creating products that fulfil the four aspects of healthy, tasty, hearty and handy.

For the health-minded quinoa lovers out there, you will be thrilled to find a variety of snacks and drinks using quinoa as a replacement ingredient to give you the same feasting joy, with an added dose of protein, fibre and vitamins in each serving!

Every single product from Hello March delivers its promise of natural ingredients of the best quality preserved with the best practices – sharing the goodness of nature for all consumers.


Snack your way to a healthier you. Check out our favourite picks:

Hello March Quinoa Ring Onion with Multigrains:

Hello March Quinoa Ring Cheese:

Hello March Fruit Jelly Passion Fruit & Cranberry:

Hello March Quinoa Coffee:


Bringing Exclusive Snacks from Malaysia to Your Doorstep

Launched in December 2021, Tips & Titbits is a new online grocery store where you can find a wide variety of homegrown products and gourmets, particularly from Malaysia, at an affordable price. We are a small team of Titbits Experts who care about snacking the right way. Thus, all products found in our shop are carefully selected, researched and tasted by our Titbits to ensure they are truly the best of the best to delight every titbits lover!


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